All About Publix Passport

publix passportIf you are new in the Publix environment and it is your first time to hear about Publix Passport, you may start to wonder what kind of thing is it. Well, this is a name Publix gave for its associates’ online platform. This platform can be used by both Publix manager and staffs. It provides everything you need to know about your weekly schedule, your pay statement and other things related to your work at Publix. Then, how can we log into this online platform?

Steps To Log Into Publix Passport

Just like login into your social media account, you need to have user ID and password to log into this online platform. However, it is not everyone that is able to go through this platform since it aims to internal Publix associates only. It means that you will get the user ID and password to enter this Publix Passport platform if only you are hired as one of Publix employees. Once you are hired, you will receive your login details including user ID and password. After that, you can try to log into this platform to check your schedule or to do other things like checking your income.

Moreover, if you are going to try this facility, you must visit the Passport homepage first. Use your browser to come over to this homepage. After that, select one of the login buttons appears on the screen. There are two optional login buttons and you can choose one of them. Then, fill the empty field you find later with your Publix user Id and password. Tap the login button to continue. If you enter correct user ID and password, you will find your Publix account appear on the screen. Next, you can edit your Publix profile to update your Publix Passport account.

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