General Guideline After Recent Earthquakes Happen

recent earthquakesPreparing for an earthquake is crucial since this kind of disaster can happen in anytime. One of the best ways to prepare is learning general guideline on what to do after recent earthquakes. Instead of learning guideline on what to do during and before an earthquake only, you should learn some recommended actions that must be done after a recent earthquake happens. For you who are interested in reading about this notion, you can get the lesson as follow.

General Guideline On What To Do After Recent Earthquakes

In the first place, it is important for you to check for injuries to yourself, your family as well as your surrounding neighbors. However, if you find that there is someone who is seriously injured, it is better for you to not attempt on moving him or her except he or she is in danger of further injury. Secondly, after recent earthquakes happen, you should make sure to check for fire hazard. Then, if you are inside a building, check the building’s structural aspects. If you discover that any part of its structure seems unsafe, stay away from the building until further inspections. As you are planning to evacuate from the building, make sure to wear shoes in case there are broken glass and debris.

Furthermore, you need to clean up spilled drugs, medicines or other materials that are potentially harmful. Use extreme caution as you clean up the spilled chemicals. On the other hand, if you start to feel the effect of material you are handling, it is better for you to stop what you are doing at that time. Next, you need to check for broken utilities. In this case, inspect for leaking gas and water in your building. The last, when you are surviving recent earthquakes, turn on your radio to get information or danger reports.

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