Health Care For Early Child

Health careOne field as the service in health care is health care for the early child. If you are pregnant and giving a birth in the health care, you do not need to be worry because the health care will protect your condition and your child condition. The mother and the child must be healthy so the health care will give them service to maintain their condition so the mother and the child will avoid from the viruses or unhealthy condition. Such as the care from the health care for the child, the child is brought to the incubator room so they child can get warm until the mother is ready to take care of the child.

Healthcare from early child also gives the service for the child in below 5 years to get immunization that the use of it is to protect the condition of the child so the shills are prevented from viruses. Professional that knows to keep their child healthy does health care in taking care the child. They also inform to the mother about anything that can make the child in an unhealthy condition. They inform to the mother what the mother must do to heal the child if some disease attacks their lovely child.

When a child grows, the mother must maintain the food consumption for the child, they child below 5years must eat healthy food and drink milk. If the mother gives them unhealthy food, it will affect the children, the children may get sick already. Then health care also offers the mother to give their child exclusive breastfeeding because breastfeeding is better for the child than giving them formula milk. If the mother wants to check the condition of their child who is sick, they also can get a consultation with the doctor that healing the child, because to prevent is better that to treat.

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