Idol Celebrity Plastic Surgery

celebrity plastic surgerySouth Korea is famous as the Hallyu K-Wave which is spread around Asia and even international. The Hallyu K-wave is the Korean Pop which is so famous around Asia. This Korean pop is because the bunch of male group and female group whose talented. The K-pop Idol is really talented, they are all singing well and they all can do the hard dance moves. Not only the talented and skill that they had. All of them whose got being a k-pop Idol also very beauty and handsome. That why many idols doing Celebrity plastic surgery.

K-Pop Idol Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery is very famous in South Korea. Most of them will have done plastic surgeries in other to fix their part of faces or their bodies that they want to be changed. To being an idol in Korea, you have to have big talented skills inside yourself. Is it you’re singing that well or dance that you are love? Some of the agencies in South Korea even ask for people whose good in both of them. So if you are good in singing and dance you can register in some agencies of an idol in South Korea. You will go through the training before you can be the idol or debut as an idol from girl band or boy band. When you are undergoing the training you are known as trainee whose had a dream to being an idol. As a trainee you will go through the hard training you ever had in your life to make your dance and singing ability better you had to practice every day and even without resting.

But debuted as an Idol in South Korea are really hard, even if you show them that you had best singing and dancing ability if they think you are not pretty enough you will be asked to get the plastic surgeries to fix your faces and become prettier. Most of the agencies will ask their trainer if they want to debut they had to go through the surgeries. That’s why celebrity plastic surgery is very common in South Korea.

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